Riding with Harley-Davidson!

The Harley-Davidson Museum

Yesterday I landed in Milwalkee, WI to tour the Harley-Davidson museum, HD motorcycle plant, and learn a little bit more about African-American biker culture. Although I didn’t think it would be a particularly *fun* trip (I’m here for work), I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed myself!

I’ll have more on my trip a little bit later, but I wanted to share some images I’ve snapped so far.


The Harley-Davidson Museum

The oldest Harley in existence, the Series One, built in 1903.

Harley Davidson Museum

The Buffalo Solider Biker Club memorabilia

Do you love to ride? 

4 thoughts on “Riding with Harley-Davidson!

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  4. Hello Motorcycle community! My name is David “Big Swole” Rose, and I’m currently the face of the Harley Davidson Iron Elite patch/campaign. The Iron Elite Campaign focuses on highlighting the African American Harley rider. I’m very proud to be a part of such a prestigious campaign. I have attached my YouTube video, providing some insight into who I am and my love for my Harley! Ride free!

    Instagram: BIGSWOLE1982

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