London Lowdown, Part 1 (with video!)

London, Buckingham Palace

Outside of Buckingham Palace

Last month I took my first solo trip across the Pond and landed in London, England. Although I had been planning my trip for MONTHS (and dreaming about it even longer), once I was on the plane I was FILLED with nervous energy.

The questions ran through my head:
Would I have fun alone?
Would I get mugged?
What if I got lonely?
What if I lost my passport?
I’m on a budget, can I REALLY have a good time in one of the most expensive cities in the world?
HELP! I’m going to London alone!!

Luckily, all of my nervousness melted away once I touched down and began to feel the infectious vibe of the city. I’m going to go into my trip in more detail a little later, but just know that I had an AMAZING time and all of my fears were unfounded.

While I was in London (and Paris!) I connected with a lot of really amazing people, I went out EVERY night (yes alone), and in all eight days I spent wandering the city, I never experienced a dull moment. Not one.

I made sure to take lots of pictures and even shot some video footage while I was there, so I decided to do a quick clip about my trip.

Check it out & let me know what you think!

Have you ever been to London? What did you enjoy most?

12 thoughts on “London Lowdown, Part 1 (with video!)

  1. WOW! I’ve yet to visit London, and this video straight shoved me in the back of head and asked me Why Not?! Thanks for the shove–great video.

    Oh, and you had me at “Bashment”, As a Jamaican, I have a cultural responsibility to show up at bashments worldwide *smiles*.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip, Britni! Keep on trippin’!

  2. London is definitely on my list of cities to see. It’s awesome that you went on a solo trip by yourself and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for sharing your experience via video.

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  7. I love London and Paris! Spent most of my free time there (other than Bath) when I studied abroad…unfortunately all my photos got deleted from a thumb drive I had, but ur pics brought back memories!

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